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The Notre Dame Rooftop Cheese and Wine Restaurant offers our guests not only one of the most spectacular views across the Jerusalem skyline, but also arguably the best selection of imported cheese and wine in the city. It is the ideal place to relax after a long day of pilgrimage, touring or work, watching the setting sun cast its golden hue over the Old City and enjoy fine food and wine.

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What we offer

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A restaurant which offers indoor and outdoor dining, features over 40 different imported gourmet cheeses and an extensive wine list with over 60 different vintages from around the world, as well as the Notre Dame’s private label wine. In addition to the cheese platters and fondues, guests can choose from a varied menu that includes appetizers, main dishes and for sweet lovers homemade pastries.


Our menus

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Rooftop Cheese and Wine Restaurant Jerus

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12:00 pm -11:00 pm


02 627 9177

Enjoy an amazing meal in Jerusalem
best selection of cheese jerusalem
rooftop cheese and wine restaurant
Local, International wine selection
beautiful view rooftop restaurant
innovative dish-Chef Ahmad Salameh
Fish of the day-Chef Ahmad Salameh
rooftop cheese and wine restaurant
Homemade Pasta by Chef Ahmad Salameh
Desserts by Chef Ahmad Salameh
Chacrout Style-Chef Ahmad Salameh
Burrata Salad by Chef Ahmad Salameh
rooftop cheese and wine restaurant
Chocolate Glazed Mouse
Dessert-Chef Ahmad Salameh
Delicious Risotto

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