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Were You There?

Peg Tichacek (Wichita, Kansas  USA)

June 6th, 2024 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

Were You There?

Were you there, in the Holy Land this Spring following the footsteps of Jesus? Perhaps your plans were canceled or postponed. Perhaps you found yourself at home in your own holy land longing to make your first or return pilgrimage?  I know I was.

Did you find yourself at your church, walking the Via Dolorosa/Stations of the Cross and singing Alleluia on Easter morning?  How about Pentecost Sunday, Trinity Sunday, and Corpus Christi Sunday too? No,few of us were at the holy sites, praying with others from over the world, or with those who call the Holy Land home and are praying at empty sites as they continue to minister faith, hope, and love.  

Were you there virtually? Did you go with Cardinal Timothy Dolan when stayed at the Notre Dame Guest House only to find himself in the safe room because of the reality of war? Cardinal Dolan describes taking shelter from Iran's missile attack in Israel ( perhaps with Cardinal Pizzaballa when he visited the parish in Gaza?  Cardinal Pizzaballa brings hope, solidarity and support into Gaza - Vatican News

In your holy land, did you follow the footsteps of Jesus and attend a Baptism and think of Mary and Joseph presenting the child Jesus, or Jesus himself, baptized in the Jordan River? Perhaps you were on holy ground at a First Communion or an Ordination, or a Wedding. No doubt you asked Jesus to continue to perform miracles in our suffering that we would know peace. 

In America, the bishops have called for a Eucharistic Revival. Jesus is walking America, in Corpus Christi processions along four routes since Pentecost Sunday.  The four processions will all meet in late July.  Pray, as Jesus, quietly making a cross over America.

Yes, to Jesus, out as a pilgrim seeking and inviting ALL to come and see, follow his footsteps and believe. For where the Lord is, it is HOLY!  

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