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Summer Camp: Kids Learn to Cook!

By Fr David Barton, LC (Chaplain at Notre Dame Center)

July 5th, 2024 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

This summer, the historic Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem is abuzz with excitement as it hosts a unique culinary summer camp for local kids. Designed to inspire and educate young food enthusiasts, this camp offers a wonderful opportunity for children to dive into the world of cooking, exploring both local and international cuisines.


Divided into two camp sessions, the Notre Dame Center's school-kitchen facilities become a playground for aspiring young chefs. Under the guidance of experienced local chefs and culinary instructors, campers aged 8 to 14 engage in hands-on cooking classes. Each session is carefully crafted to teach fundamental cooking techniques, kitchen safety, and the importance of nutrition.

The camp aims to equip children with essential life skills. Learning to cook not only fosters creativity but also boosts confidence and independence. Campers leave with a sense of accomplishment, ready to impress their families with their newfound culinary talents.


A significant aspect of the camp is the sense of community it fosters. Children from different backgrounds come together, forging new friendships over shared meals and collaborative cooking projects. The Notre Dame Center, with its welcoming atmosphere, provides the perfect setting for this cultural and culinary exchange.

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