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Sorrow, Exaltation, and Angels

By Peg Tichacek

September 1st, 2023 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

September is a month where the Church’s liturgy invites us to delve deeper into some mysteries of our faith that may seem contradictory, but really do lead to new life in the Spirit.

Jesus prayed in the garden and asked the apostles to pray too. The sword that would pierce Mary’s heart pierced the side of Jesus. On September 14th we celebrate the Exaltation of the Cross and on September 15, Our Lady of Sorrows. Jesus prayed for the will of the Father and for grace to die. Mary prayed too. She didn’t scream or fight or run away. She stood under the cross and was pierced too. Since that day, pilgrims come to Jerusalem to see this very place, they see Mary with a sword through her heart. They see Jesus dying on the cross.

We wear a cross, we place a crucifix on the wall in our homes. We walk into a church and see Jesus on the cross. We see Mary, our Lady of Sorrows. We hear an invitation to bring our cross and our prayers. We ask to accept the will of the Father and for the grace to follow Him and carry our cross.

Title: The Resurrection / Artist: Gerardo Zenteno

Notre Dame Center / All Rights Reserved

We lift high the cross that has become our salvation and we sing, O come let us adore him.

We read many times in the Bible about angels that guide, lead, and direct. Friday, September 29th is the Feast of the Archangels when we celebrate the heavenly angels that God sends to aid us on our journey. Archangel Gabriel was sent to help Mary trust in God’s promise and calm her fears (Luke 1:30,37). Archangel Raphael guided Tobias and traveled with him to his homeland to find a wife and upon return healed his father Tobit. He’s also the archangel for healing. Archangel Michael defends God’s children whenever we experience temptation and in spiritual battles. (Rev 12:7).

Zechariah heard an angel’s prophecy that Jerusalem would go from an open country to where a multitude of men and beasts would live and where God would encircle Jerusalem with a wall of fire. (Zechariah 2:4)

Angels told Joseph to take Mary as his wife and again later to flee into Egypt. (Matthew 1:24, 2:13)

Angels are special gifts to be with us on our journey. Has an angel visited or spoken to you? Listen, one may come soon.

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