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Seminarians in the Holy Land

By Fr David Barton, LC

September 1st, 2023 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

As part of our mission at Notre Dame Center, we welcome seminarians who are in formation and studies towards the priesthood, helping to give them a place where they can prayerfully access all the wonderful locations that the Holy Land has to offer.

This past month we had a group of seminarians from the Legionaries' of Christ seminary in Rome stay with us, and it was a beautiful witness for all to see young men who are excited about their journey towards the priesthood.

During their time here, the seminarians were guided by Fr Fernando Morales, LC and along with a few of their seminary formators from Rome as they received lessons on history, culture, and were given ample time to pray in the different Holy sites.

At the end of their pilgrimage, a few of the seminarians shared their thoughts on their trip. Here is what a few of them had to say:

"Im very thankful for this great experience, and to everyone who has made it possible. I'm full of gratitude for all the gifts the Lord has bestowed on me. Among other things, I bring with me the desire to deep deepening in my knowledge of the Scripture. I hope that the future generations of seminarians will keep having this course as part of their formation during Theology. Thank you for everything". - Br Justin J, LC

"I would like to thank God in the first place for this opportunity to be here in the Holy Land, and I also would like to thank all who made it possible, especially Fr Fernando Morales. It was an incredible experience to be able to live the Holy Scripture in the places where those events took place, and also to know other religions and their cultures, especially those of the Jewish faith". - Br Jonathan O, LC

These young men have spent many years reading and reflecting on the words of the Bible, but during their visit here they were able to see those words come to life. What a blessing for them as they soon be preaching the Word of God to others and can now make the Bible come alive for those they preach for. Let us join in praying for them as they continue to prepare themselves to serve the Church through their calling to the priesthood.

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