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Pilgrim Perspectives

By Notre Dame Staff

September 1st, 2023 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

For many pilgrims from around the world coming to Jerusalem is a once in a lifetime experience. Some say this land calls you, and if you are willing to answer that call, it will probably become a lifechanging experience. Notre Dame Center, being the welcoming place of the Vatican in the Holy Land, has the privilege of meeting hundreds of people who answered that call and embarked in a trip of a lifetime. This is why we share with you once again the perspective of one pilgrim coming to the Holy Land: Carmen from México.

What made you want to come to the Holy Land?

Carmen: I came to the Holy Land because I was eager to know more about the life of Jesus, to be able to see the land He saw, you know they call this land the 5th gospel, and I wanted to have a spiritual experience.

What were your first impressions upon arriving to the Holy Land?

Carmen: My first impression was to enter in a different kind of world, the mix of cultures, religions, the enormous amount of history increased in me the desire to learn more.

Was there something that you had thought of a certain way and was different

when you actually saw it?

Carmen: More than that, what happened to me is that I understood much better the old and new testament, specifically the Gospels.

How did your pilgrimage change you?

Carmen: This pilgrimage helped me empathize much more with Jesus Christ, get closer to Him, understand his sufferings, his life in Galilee and the contrast of his feelings in Jerusalem. I think I needed more time to be able to take advantage of this beautiful place. After being here I understand what this place really means to the history of humankind. Oh! and I really enjoyed the beautiful Chapel you have in Notre Dame as well as the spectacular view from the rooftop!!

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