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Greetings from Jerusalem

By Fr. David Steffy, L.C., Chargé of the Holy See

July 5th, 2024 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

Dear Friends of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center,

Summer is here, and as usual, it is hot. That's what most of us expect in summer, and we find ways to cope, making it a common topic of conversation. Summer is also a time to relax a little more, usually finding time for an extended vacation and extra time to spend with family and friends.

My wish for all of you is that you make the most of these summer months to connect and even reconnect with family and friends. These special relationships are essential for our spiritual, physical, and human flourishing. I will be going home to the States soon for a family visit and am looking forward to that time to find the needed encouragement and inspiration that energizes me in the mission of service the Lord has entrusted to me here at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.

I think all of us realize that the quality of our relationships determines how happy we feel. Our relationships also remind us of what is truly important in life and that love for God and others helps us to recognize that who we are is not defined only by what we do. Rather, feeling loved by family and friends opens us up to the capacity to love more fully and deeply.

That is why, in times of difficulty and hardship, we need that support system to get through the hardships and heartbreaks. In the current situation in the Holy Land and throughout the world, there are situations that seem unsolvable, and it is easy to lose hope. That might be our present reality, but it should not be the truth of our lives. The truth is that we can find meaning in suffering through the loving support of those closest to us.

Summertime is a good opportunity to break down any of the barriers that we have created between others, especially our family members and friends, as well as growing in respect and gratitude for those we love. My prayer for each of you is that you continue to develop strong relationships with our loving God and those closest to you so that you will find the strength and courage to flourish no matter what circumstances you are now experiencing.

Again, I join with you in prayer for peace in the Holy Land, a return of the hostages, and a peaceful resolution of all hostilities both in this region and throughout the world.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Sincerely in the Risen Lord,

Father David Steffy, L.C.

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