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Discover the Historical Treasures of Notre Dame Center

July 5th, 2024 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

For over a century, the Notre Dame Center at Jerusalem has stood as a beacon of history. Visitors are captivated by Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, an architectural marvel that greets you with a stunning sculpture of Our Lady with Baby Jesus prominently displayed. The moment you step off the bus or walk through the gates, you find yourself immersed in a space that has borne witness to the countless stories of this beautiful city, preserving them as treasures of human history.

We are excited to introduce a new section in our newsletter, dedicated to sharing the rich historical artifacts that reside within Notre Dame. Whether it is an archaeological find, a piece of art, a unique curiosity, a tree planted by a pope, an ancient column, or a reminiscence from times of war and time of peace, each contributes to the historical tapestry of Notre Dame that we are eager to reveal to you.

The fifth milestone marker from the road of Jerusalem to Neapolis (Nablus) dating from the year 162 AD

Together, we will uncover the historical treasures that Notre Dame diligently preserves. When you have the opportunity to visit, you will not only witness history but also create your own memorable experiences at the Notre Dame Center of Jerusalem. For those who have already visited, we hope this serves as a cherished reminder of your time here. If you missed anything, we look forward to welcoming you back to discover it.


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