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A Time of Prayer: Movements and Communities of Jerusalem

By Bianca de Mattos (Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi)

June 6th 2024 - Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

During the Pentecost novena, nearly 200 people gathered in the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center to invoke the Holy Spirit in a vigil held on May 14th.

In this moment of prayer—which lasted an hour—they sought to repeat that first Cenacle, when the apostles gathered in prayer with Mary, the mother of Jesus, to wait and prepare to receive what Christ had promised them: the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The vigil was organized with songs to the Holy Spirit and other moments alternating with prayers, meditation on passages from the Holy Scriptures, and periods of silent prayer. One of the most significant moments was the prayer with litanies to the Holy Spirit, recited in different languages. More than 100 invocations to the Holy Spirit, all inspired by the Old and New Testament:

  • Spirit of counsel and might - Is 11:2, 41

  • Good spirit that instructs - Neh 9:20

  • Spirit that pours the love of God into us - Rom 5:5

  • Spirit of Life and Peace - Rom 8:6

  • Spirit that dwells in us - Rom 8:9

  • Spirit that revives - Ez 37, etc.

Among the organizers of this event and those who attended the vigil were members of different ecclesial Movements and New Communities of life, such as Focolare, Neo-catechumenal Way, Emmanuel, Koinonia S. John the Baptist, Communion and Liberation, Beatitudes, Canção Nova, Chemin Neuf, and Regnum Christi. Thus, in a spirit of communion and each responding to their own charism, they cried out together several times: "Come, Holy Spirit!"

For those interested in continuing to meditate on the gift of the Holy Spirit for the Church today, the new cycle of Catechesis that the Holy Father, Pope Francis, inaugurated last Wednesday, May 29, might be helpful. It will focus on the third person of the Holy Trinity: the Holy Spirit. You can find it every Wednesday on the Vatican website.

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