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A letter from Fr. Juan Solana, LC

Dear friends,

This year, Notre Dame of Jerusalem celebrates 130 years of service to pilgrims from all over the world. In addition to sharing the news with you, we ask you to support us with your prayers, so that we can continue this beautiful mission at the service of the people, of the groups, of our beloved Church and of the Holy Land.

We are proud to provide this service on behalf of the Catholic Church and we thank the Holy Father Francisco for his trust in us.

Group of pilgrims on the 25th Pilgrimage of Penance at Notre Dame of Jerusalem

Offering hospitality to pilgrims is one of the Works of Mercy. We are aware that this kind of hospitality supports the experience that souls go through as they follow the traces of God in history and in this Holy Land.

In these days of Easter, we remember the Gospel of the disciples of Emmaus:

"Stay with us, because it is late". Lk 24:29

Stay with us could be the motto of Notre Dame, because we recognize that each of our guests and visitors represents Jesus, who said:

"What you do to one of these younger brothers of mine, you would do to me". Mt 25:40

We want to serve and we want hearts to light up while visiting this wonderful city of Jerusalem, and this Holy Land.

Our anniversary is an occasion to thank so many people who have made this work possible: from the Assumptionist Fathers, their benefactors, the authorities at that time; all the collaborators that have been succeeding each other over time... until arriving at the present time: each and every one of our employees, our clients, all the friends who have been part of Notre Dame for many years. To all, our grateful memory and our recognition.

The occasion is also pleasing to inform you that Notre Dame has been completely renovated during the past years, and that we are preparing an expansion for future years, which will allow us to accommodate twice as many pilgrims.

Thankful we remain at your service,

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.

Legionaries of Christ,

Consecrated women of Regnum Christi

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1 Comment

Maggie Borrell
Maggie Borrell
Apr 30, 2018

Visitaremos Jerusalem en Octubre y necesitamos saber si cuentan con servicio de guías para personas católicas que nos introduzcan en la historia de Cristo nuestro Señor. Estaremos 3 días. Somos dos personas mayores. Y quisiéramos visitar los lugares más iconicos para los cristianos. Mil gracias. Nuestros saludos al Padre Solana. Sres Duffour

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