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“I love chocolate, shopping, going out with my friends and playing sports.

My family is from Greece, so we go there every summer.

I like the beaches but specially the food.

Every day here, I see so many faces. One time I was feeling very sad, 

 one of the guests saw me and brought me a big chocolate cake.

That made my day.

For me, Notre Dame is a place of surprises”



“I come from a big Christian family; I have six brothers and two sisters.

I was born in the Austrian Hospice here in Jerusalem.

When I was young, I played soccer and basketball.

I love to travel, but what I love most is to take care of my mother.

I´ve been working here for 30 years.

Once someone told me that we are all on the same boat, we are one team, one family, so I believe we all have to love respect each other.

I love joking with the guests, sometimes maybe too much,

but I want them to feel like they are with family. For me, Notre Dame is a place of love”



“My name is Graciela Magaña. I´m a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi

and have been for 47 years. I love my vocation.

I´ve received the grace of living in Notre Dame for 12 years now.

It´s a very special gift, especially because there are so many other consecrated women and I get to be here, for that I´m grateful.

My favorite thing is witnessing how Notre Dame has flourished spiritually, not only the employees but also the pilgrims. To see the transformation of entire families, to see how God´s grace manifests in each person, is something very fulfilling.

For me, Notre Dame is a place of hospitality."



I´m 22 years old, I was born in Jerusalem, I majored in Hotel Administration and French. I received a scholarship to study culinary arts for one semester in France.I´m a Scout, a baton leader and I play percussion.

I´ve been working here for over 5 years.


My first job was in the laundry. One time I hid in big bin and one of the women thought she was pulling a napkin but she pulled my hair instead,

I jumped out and we all started laughing, it was very funny.

For me Notre Dame is family, friends, experience, in one word,

Notre Dame is everything!



“I´m a mother of four, so when you are a mother you really don´t have much time for yourself. Every day after work,

I go to see my mother, she lives in Bethany.

I hurry back home to cook and do homework with my youngest daughter.

I´ve been working here for ten years. I love what I do; I sow, iron,

and make sure all the uniforms are ready for the staff to pick them up.

For me, Notre Dame is a place of joy.”



I´m Brahim, this is my son youngest son, Fadi.

I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. We come from generations of gardeners,

my father was a gardener, my grandfather was a gardener and his father before him.


You can learn a lot from flowers, with the proper care,

nurturing and dedication, life always gives a you a reward.

Mine is watching these flowers blossom every spring. 
For me Notre Dame is a place of growth. 



“I was born in Taybeh in a Christian village.

I’m the head of the family so I have to work hard to support my wife and my two children. I love my team, everyday feels like a family gathering. There´s always laughter, jokes, respect and admiration.

For me, Notre Dame is a place of community.”




““I am a father of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls, and a grandfather of 4, 3 boys and 1 girl. I have been a carpenter for over 45 years, 30 of which I have spent working at NDC. I learned the skill from my father, who was also a carpenter, a very famous one.

I have a special touch in my work, I think you can recognize one of my pieces if you saw it.

When I´m working I give my 100% so after work I like to relax, go home to my wife who waits for me and have some quiet time together.
For me NDC is a place of excellence!



“My name is Mary. I was born in Jerusalem I´m 21 years old and I have been working here for two and a half years. I have two brothers and one sister. 

I´m in the middle. I like everything, specially listening to music, talking to friends and walking, I love to walk. One day, I would like to open my own beauty center. I feel that here we are all a family.

This is my second home, everyday it´s home, NDC, home, NDC. 

For me, NDC is a wonderful place!” 



“I am Laurita, I´ve been working at the Dining Room since 2013. I like everything about Notre Dame, everything. This is my family, this is my home and for this reason I am here. I love reading about nature, health and nutrition, I also enjoy playing games for children from time to time. 

My husband past away a while ago and we never had children, but everyone here are my children, all of you. I think the best thing we can do is love each other and respect each other, nothing else. For me Notre Dame is a place of love!”



I am Elias. I´m married and have 4 children. I have been working here for 30 years. I started to work at NDC in 1987 as a waiter. Before I didn't know anything about hotels, this place encouraged me to study. This is my second home.I like going on picnics, I love chocolate and my wife´s cooking. Every Sunday I go out with my family, at least once a week.

I like spending time with them.

For me NDC is home.”



My name is Nida. I´m a single mother of 6, 5 girls and 1 boy. I have been working in Notre Dame for 21 years and thanks to that I have been able to give education to my children. I love my work. When I am here I feel like I am at home. I actually spend more time here than at I do at my house. Whenever I have free time, I like to spend it with my kids since I work a lot. People say I have an open heart. I like NDC a lot, we are a family.

For me Notre Dame is a place of love.


Fr. Alonso   

I have been here for 6 years. I came in 2011 for a brief period of time. I liked it so much that after I left, I decided to come back. People say I left singing and I came back dancing. I am in charge of the Church and various church services. One of the things that impress me the most is to see ordinary people at prayer before the Eucharist, before the crucifix with such genuine devotion and simple faith that prompts me, a 53-year ordained priest, to pray: “Lord, can you please give me a little bit of that faith?”

 I love NDC as a place that welcomes all kinds of pilgrims. They arrive as strangers but after they come here they all feel and act as family, as if they have known each other for many years. 

For me Notre Dame is the world in a nutshell.


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