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Professional Promotion Hospitality Section

The Professional Promotion Hospitality Section (PPHS) was established in 1990 by the bold vision of the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center in collaboration with Bethlehem University’s Institute of Hotel Management and the Dublin Institute of Technology. The mission of PPHS is to provide training and education to young Palestinians who have completed their high school education and wish to continue their studies to improve their present working conditions.

The school focuses on training its students to succeed in the hospitality management, catering and food service industry. The school also offers a variety of other specializations focused in the travel and tourism industry.

PPHS is the only institution of its kind in East Jerusalem.
The career programs provide the students with comprehensive knowledge and occupational skills that are necessary in the workplace. Those who finish the two year programs receive Certificates of Higher Standing and those who finish the one year programs receive Continuing Professional Development Certificates.
The Professional Promotion Hospitality Section is locally and internationally recognized for its outstanding vocational programs. Graduates of PPHS are highly sought out due to their rigorous and professional training and constitute a large percentage of the employed workforce in several areas of the regional tourism industry.
The vision behind PPHS is not only to provide education to our students but also formation.
Therefore respect, team work and discipline are fundamental values which are embedded in each and every graduate of PPHS.

Programs offering the Certificate of Higher Standing include:


  • Rooms Division Management
  • Culinary Art of Food-Preparation & Service

Continuing Professional Certificate programs include:


  • Culinary Art of Food Preparation
  • Travel Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Diploma in Translation (What languages?)English to Arabic /Arabic to English


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