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Discover Jerusalem from a Privileged Location
Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center is uniquely located in the heart of the City and just a few steps away from the Old City’s New Gate and within minutes from the Holy Sepulcher.
In addition to being close to the significant Christian Holy places, it is also near the sites that are important for the Jewish and Islamic religions: the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque. These two sites, together with the Holy Sepulcher, make Jerusalem the “Holy City” so loved by the faithful of these three monotheistic religions.
Notre Dame is one of the significant Catholic pilgrims’ centers in the Holy Land.

Within walking distance to all Holy Sites…
 The Holy Sepulcher 10 min.
 Via Dolorosa 15 min.
 Mount of Olives 20 min
 Mount Zion 20 min.
 Temple Mount 20 min.
 Western Wall 20 min.
 West Jerusalem 05 min


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