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The Notre Dame Center serves also the Local Christian Community.


The ECYD-Challenge Club offers spiritual and cultural formation for Christian girls between 9 and 17 years through Summer Camps, weekly meetings, special events and projects, such as the Christmas musical theater, helping people in need and other outreach activities. It is especially aimed at teenage girls, helping them to form their character and leadership qualities, in order to become active members of society.

Through the club activities the girls make a living experience of their faith, and discover Christ as a real friend they can relate to in all circumstances of their life. Many families appreciate the ECyD-Challenge Club in a special way because it offers a precious opportunity to make new friendships with Christian girls of other schools, and so to find peers who share their same values.

For further information please contact:               mobile: 057-444 6416

Women’s Group

A similar concept for adults is behind the Regnum Christi Ladies Group. It is a beautiful international group that meets on a weekly basis: women that have in common the interest to deepen their Christian faith and to make a stop in their daily obligations. The ladies enjoy especially to read together the Word of God, to get inspired by the life of the saints that have preceded us, to share their thoughts and experiences and to find to silence and prayer in their monthly retreat.

Planning Your Pilgrimage

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To visit the Holy Land is unlike any other trip you have ever taken. The benefit and the depth with which you will live this trip, depends in good part from the interior dispositions in which the pilgrim arrives to the Holy Land. This interior preparation is as important as all the practical preparations, like having the flights, the hotels booked, and the photo camera ready.
In the following lines we offer some advice which can help you in this interior preparation. We cover two basic elements:

A-     Familiarity with the Holy Land

B-      Spiritual preparation.

A- Familiarity with the Holy Land
Get familiar with the history and the present situation of this Land. 3000-4000 years of history have deeply marked the Israel of today. In order to understand this Land better as you visit it, it is worthwhile to learn a little bit about its history and its culture.
Basic geographical knowledge:

Usually the Bible, or the New Testament, has maps illustrating how the land looked at the time of Jesus. If you do not have one at hand, an atlas, or even an encyclopedia might help. It is important to remember that the Land was divided into three main regions at the time of Jesus: Galilee in the north, Samaria in the center, and Judaea in the south. Do not miss the places that are frequently mentioned in the Gospels such as Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee, and Jerusalem among others. After identifying these sites on the map, you will be in a much better position to understand the places you will be visiting, the distance between them, their relative importance in relation to each other and through this, better prepared to enjoy your pilgrimage and be more enriched by it.
“The Holy Land is the only place in the world whose ‘tourist guide’ is the Bible.” This applies both to all the events that took place in this Land before Christ and also during the life of our Savior.
It would be enough to read one of the Gospels, Matthew or Mark, Luke or John. This will not take much of your time and is something worth doing as it will help refresh your memory of the Gospel stories. This will also enable you to underline the places that are mentioned therein as well as refer to them in the map you previously looked at. Having done these two tasks you will be able to have a good historical and cultural background of the sites you are to visit on your pilgrimage.
B- Spiritual Preparation
One’s spiritual preparation and experience are the most important aspects of a pilgrimage, because it is what differentiates it from any other journey you are likely to undertake.
A pilgrimage to the Holy Land means to come with the desire to meet Christ – the living and risen Christ of our Faith. The search can take many forms, as many as the ways by which people encounter Christ in the Gospels. Some of those who approached him were blind, imploring him to restore their sight, others were possessed by demons wishing to be freed from their unclean spirits; others were just curious and approached his disciples saying “we want to see Jesus”. Whichever situation you find yourself in, as you are planning this pilgrimage, there are two things that we would highly recommend: Prayer and Sacraments.
There is certainly no doubt that the closer one gets to Jesus, and the more one experiences his presence, the more one becomes attuned to him. The best way to be attuned to Jesus is to live in grace and in accordance with his will: “If anyone loves me, he will do what I say”.
Certainly, an optimal way of preparing your soul for a valuable and unique experience in the Holy Land would be to spend a few moments in prayer in the days preceding your pilgrimage, or to read the Gospel and pray together with those friends or family members that will accompany you on your journey. Add to this a good confession, or the intention to go to confession during your stay in Israel, and you will surely attain your goal. A frequently heard testimony of pilgrims is: “my pilgrimage to the Holy Land marks off a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ in my life”. We believe that this truly happens, but it happens to the extent that one desires it, and in the measure that one is well disposed for it.

Jesus awaits you in His Land! May you be the fertile soil were Jesus can sow once again the seeds of his love, his Gospel and his grace. Prepare yourselves well for your pilgrimage to the Land of Jesus!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we will be more than happy to help you prepare for your pilgrimage. For further information please Contact Us


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