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Pastoral Work


The Notre Dame Center serves also the Local Christian Community.


The ECYD-Challenge Club offers spiritual and cultural formation for Christian girls between 9 and 17 years through Summer Camps, weekly meetings, special events and projects, such as the Christmas musical theater, helping people in need and other outreach activities. It is especially aimed at teenage girls, helping them to form their character and leadership qualities, in order to become active members of society.

Through the club activities the girls make a living experience of their faith, and discover Christ as a real friend they can relate to in all circumstances of their life. Many families appreciate the ECyD-Challenge Club in a special way because it offers a precious opportunity to make new friendships with Christian girls of other schools, and so to find peers who share their same values.

For further information please contact:               mobile: 057-444 6416

Women’s Group

A similar concept for adults is behind the Regnum Christi Ladies Group. It is a beautiful international group that meets on a weekly basis: women that have in common the interest to deepen their Christian faith and to make a stop in their daily obligations. The ladies enjoy especially to read together the Word of God, to get inspired by the life of the saints that have preceded us, to share their thoughts and experiences and to find to silence and prayer in their monthly retreat.


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