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FR. JUAN SOLANA LC (Photo de Guillermo G. Baltasar)

Dear friends:
The Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem is delighted to welcome you to its fully renovated facilities.
Nine years have passed since the Legionaries of Christ took over the management of this prestigious center in Jerusalem belonging to the Vatican. The task of transforming the Notre Dame Center into one of the best centers of hospitality in Jerusalem has been both challenging and exciting.
With great support from the Notre Dame Management and staff, we have undertaken the task of renovating all the rooms, the reception, restaurants and public areas, in order to meet the needs of our clientele, who have every right to a pleasant and comfortable stay.
Our plan has included the opening of “La Rotisserie” and the “Cheese and Wine” restaurant on Notre Dame’s rooftop, which the media and many others have described as the best view of the Old City of Jerusalem.
But Notre Dame is much more than a beautiful building: it is a center offering our friends and guests an environment of peace, spirituality, respect and coexistence – a perfect setting for the fruits of their pilgrimage to Holy Land.
A good pilgrimage to the Holy Land is one of the most important events that life can offer. Many friends write to us explaining how their pilgrimage changed their lives and that of their families, adding that the hotel was an important part of this adventure. Being only a few minutes’ walk from the most important sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, makes it one of the best hotels in Jerusalem.
Our plans for the future are to increase the number of rooms by at least 80 – 100, to meet the growing demand. This growing demand is an indication that our guests and customers receive good service, possibly even higher than their expectations.
It is always a pleasure to receive you at Notre Dame of Jerusalem!
Welcome to Notre Dame, one of the best experiences of your life!

P. Juan María Solana, L.C.


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